Friendly Fire

It’s another day with another post. Cosmo Blazer is due for release on November and with nothing to do I decided to check out what’s installed for us. Even though not every card has been announce yet. Guess what? I found a new potential toy for Hieratics in it! This is going to be the shortest article I’ve done thus far. So, the new toy is called ZW-Lion Arms. Here's the link to the card effect: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/ZW_-_Lion_Arms

The effect of this card is non-relevant to Hieratics unless someone plays a build that uses Number 39: Utopia. I don’t know who has that much Extra Deck space though. What really attracts me is its beastly 3000 ATK and how it can be made easily in Hieratics. A generic Rank 5. You only require two Level 5 monsters for this monster and if it’s even important Lion Arms’ is a LIGHT element dude. I guess if 3000 is not enough to troll you can add in Honest for more fun. Well, the only possible drawback is Lion Arms cannot attack directly under normal circumstances. But that’s nothing to be worried about. So, the next time your opponent invites you for an OTK with a clear board and you’re afraid of Gorz feel free to drop ZW-Lion Arms to chase his fiend around. Okay, you can Volcasaurus that bloody Gorz as well. I suppose this card is not a bad replacement for Sacred Pleiades, for the meantime. Damn you Konami reprint M7 and Pleiades for fuck’s sake! On a second thought, I hope they don’t do so.

There you have it the shortest post thus far. Just wanted to drop by and introduce this dude. I might try out a troll deck which OTKs with Utopia and utilizes Kaito’s Photon cards. If I have nothing better to do. LOL! Beware of my magnificent Number 39: Hope!  And, yes, before I forget Kaito’s deck sucks! To Baha, I ended up doing a Kaito-deck-sucks-post as you suggested. A short one but it counts. Time to make a janky deck and add in Zexal Weapons for maximum trolls. Thank you for spending time here!


Power Shift

It’s been more than a couple of days since my last update. With how things are going around in locals, I don’t see a shift in Meta as oppose to the list that I’ve posted previously. No doubt Heroes and Agents are the two most popular decks right now in Malaysia. Agents’ influence will probably grow as soon as Extra Pack 2012 hits the market and the same goes for Wind-Ups. At this point, it’s safe to say If you don’t have the skills to outrun Heroes and Wind-Ups, you probably shouldn’t be playing the format. Well, there’s always the choice to join the bandwagon which isn’t a bad thing if you’re lacking confidence in other available decks. 

So, I’ve been giving it some thought and Digital Mortal needed a new post so why not just throw it out instead of waiting for inspiration to hit. This is a tech post. Granted this is not a new tech card but it is something I believe should be seeing more plays now. The card I am talking about is non-other than Seven Tools of the Bandit. With Inzektors out of the picture and the format leaning back towards heavy traps, why not tech Seven Tools once again? Given the fact it is going to be a back-row grind format most of the time even with Heavy Storm around sometimes losing your monster to a Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute, or Dimensional Prison can be a real pain in the ass. Mirror Force before I forget. Of course, there are options like Forbidden Lance and all but Seven Tools can really make an impact especially when you go against your opponent’s curial Solemn Judgment or let’s say a Starlight Road (which is another card that will be seeing a lot of play.) 

If someone can afford paying 2000LPs or half of their Life Points for Solemn Brigade, 1000LP isn’t shit at all! Seven Tools is this one card that will save your ass if you play it properly. In crucial times when you need to make your plays, you’re holding Heavy Storm, and you read Road or Judgment, Seven Tools of the Bandit will be that one card which single-handedly turned the tables for you. In other scenario, negating a Solemn Warning when you need important monsters to go off or stay on the field changes everything nonetheless. With the removal of Inzektors, I honestly believe people should be main-decking this card. Having the ability to counter nerve wrecking Traps your opponent flips up on you is a big advantage to have. Going into the chain links, Seven Tools can be so devastating if you flip it at the right time. Negating a Judgment with a Seven Tools instead of using your own Judgment, so much win! For everything else, you have Master Card.

Before ending this post, I need to say that I prefer Seven Tools over Dark Bribe because I do not like giving opponents a free draw. Paying a thousand isn’t much unless you made janky decisions and decided to eat unnecessary damage along the way. At some point, that one card you given your opponent can end up being that one chance they need to take that game away from you. So, no, I do not like feeding my opponents. It’s a player preference and a suggestion. Play it at your own risk but I kid you not Seven Tools of the Bandit will eventually save your life in this Trap-emphasized format. That’s all for today patient readers. I’ll do a deck update on my Hieratics soon enough. Trust me on that. Until then remember to play smart, fight hard, or go home a loser. Thank you for reading!


Economical Menu

Malaysia’s Yugioh community went crazy yesterday after the announcement of updated policy of card legality around Asia. Every player was in a frenzy trying to stock up on their own share of promos and believe me it was good business. That aside, I took the chance to identify the trends of Malaysia’s Meta by observing the sales and demands. Basically, I was observing what people were saying in FB groups and what people wanted when they contacted me. It was all easier thanks to the torrential amount of text messages, inbox messages, and phone calls I received. With all sorts of information surging in, I compiled a list of most wanted cards as of now and analyzed what players in Malaysia were thinking. This is not a hundred percent accurate list only my prediction. Also, some things are just obvious. 


HERO Variants
Agent Variants

My God have we waited long enough! I don’t think I need to explain about Heroes.  Everyone in Asia waited long enough to have Airman legalized in official tournaments and now we received better news. True to the hype, Heroes will be Tier 1 in this format. Another deck that will definitely be made popular here is Wind-Ups. The number of players demanding for Shock Ruler is staggering! Plus with generic Extra Deck promos becoming legal there is no doubt Wind-Ups and Heroes will be in the top of the food chain. Extra Pack 5 included in this prediction. For the case of Agents, Raioh is now legal and IS a big deal in this format. Having the ability to main-deck it is an amazing by itself. Also, with TGU coming into the scene more players will opt to run this deck in hopes of avoiding the next banned list and to save their pockets. By popularity, Agents are Tier 1 in Malaysia and Master Hyperion alongside Archlord Krystia has always been one hell of a team.

TIER 1.5:

Dino Rabbits
Gadget Variants

Mermails are new and fresh! Almost every competitive player in this country has invested in them so Mermails will continue to see a decent amount of play in this format. The deck itself is nothing short of strong to begin with. So, do keep in mind that Mermails are still very much present in Malaysia’s Meta even with the change of flow. Dino Rabbits, Dino Rabbits! What can I say about them? Despite having hit a slight bit by September’s banned list, the deck still holds a huge amount of power and influence. With the inclusion of promos in Malaysia’s competitive scene more players are beginning to look back into the once hype-upped TCG contender. Tour Guides and Gold Sarcophaguses are no joke. Maybe we will get a chance to see some innovation in this deck? 

Next up we have Gadgets. Is there really anything that needs to be explained for Gadget variants out there? Now why are they in Tier 1.5 even though Ultimate Offering is at one and Asia Advance has yet to be given the legality of Duel Terminals in official playoffs is mainly because of the availability of promotional boosts. Shock Ruler and Black Corn being one of those reasons. Of course, Raiohs are running rampart now but the deck has always held a strong position in the Meta. And, yes, they are affordable. However, this remains a subject of change depending on the amount of Heroes, Wind-Ups, and Agents around.


Six Sams
Chaos Dragons
Dark Worlds
Junk Doppel/Plant Variants

In the case of Hieratics and Chaos Dragons, more and more players have given up ever since Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon got chewed on. There really isn’t much to say however both decks will continue to see play in the Meta except at a minimum amount. Six Samurai, one of those decks I initially thought will rise up to being Tier 1 or 1.5 have been steady dropping in presence. Though that has always been the case with Six Sams. They are another one of the wild cards of the format in my point of view so be sure not to count them out. Similar to Dark Worlds, dropping out of hype lately. I suppose that is understandable due to Heroes coming into the scene and who in the right mind would pick Dark Worlds over Heroes? Unless they have plans of their own but that’s hardly the case. I’ll continue to pay attention on them and observe if promo increases the numbers of Grapha’s legion. 

Shooting Quasar Dragon and T.G Hyper Librarian are now legal. With Synchros steadily finding their way back into competitive plays, Junk Doppel and Plant variants will be given more opportunities by players who choose to remain old school. A remnant of past glory. Well, first turn Quasar isn’t all that bad. The case remains with Heroes and their super powers. Super Polymerization wrecks everything so no point arguing. Same goes to Karakuris. More Synchros back in action and Karakursi are a fantastic bunch. There is potential if you know how to run them like a pro should. 

Right now this is how Malaysia’s Meta will come into shape. I’ll continue to observe the turn of events here and see if there will be any surprises install for this country’s competitive scene. So far Heroes are the deck to beat and my God the amount of representation is deadly. Two other decks I am not sure about are Infernities and Gravekeepers. Remember, this is my own point of view. Stay tune for more updates. This is all I have for my readers today. Thank you for dropping by!