Sounds Like Bleach

It has been about a week since Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy made its entrance in OCG scene and everything LTGY planned to set into motion definitely has begin to show signs. I have been observing the market value for cards in the new set and right now two cards are the more than qualified enough to be called the money card of this set. First card would be this fellow here:


Initial value when released, RM30. Right now Seven Stars Draw (what we call it in Malaysia) has doubled its value (RM60) and that doesn’t seem to be the end of it. I am expecting it to increase up to RM80 per piece in the future if the Metagame develops accordingly. I doubt I need to explain why this card comes with such a big price tag. 


Among the four Incarnate Dragons, Redox appeared to be the most expensive one. This came as a surprise to me due to the fact that I was expecting all four dragons to have similar market value. As of now, Redox went from RM20 to RM60 per piece while the rest of the crew went from RM20 to RM40 (RM50 if you’re lucky enough to fish out a deal.) Whether or not this card will continue to climb the price ladder I am not sure but one thing for sure most of everyone is looking to try out Geargia Karakuri or Machina Geargia.

Subsequently, Number 11: Big Eye went up in price together with Treasured Sword and Redox (we can all guess why.) So, by looking at the way things are right now Malaysia should expect both Geargia Karakuri and Incarnate Dragons to enter the competitive scene (dominate or not that’s a different story.) With that, players that own Verz would definitely take a chance in the upcoming Asia Qualifiers. The Malaysian Meta right now consists of Verz, Fire Fist, Mermails, and if I would choose one between the two mentioned above it would definitely be Geargia Karakuri. Rather than spending cash on all ‘em dragons it seems smarter to only get Redox and Seven Stars Draw couple with Geargia’s new arsenal Geargia-Gear. Karakuri was never expensive to begin with. Having said that, between Geargia Karakuri and Machina Geargia the latter does look like a better choice when it comes to stability. That’s all I have to share for today and as always thank you for reading!


Dogs Eating Dogs

I’ve been jamming Blink 182’s latest EP non-stop these few days to get back in groove with my musical senses and, yeah, their new EP’s title is permanently stuck in my head. Got some free time in hand so I decided to check out what’s new in the upcoming booster set in April, Judgment of the Light. Not much has been shown or whatnot but surprisingly there are tons of Synchro Monsters in this new set (some good, some decent, some I don’t even know what to make of.) Anyway, it’s nice to see old game mechanics being given another chance to regain activity in the competitive scene. Here are a few of the new Synchro Monsters in Judgment of the Light. Not sure if there are more to come.






Some pretty need stuff going on in the new booster set. Well, i had some free time and just wanted to share. Thank you for dropping by!


Trigger Happy Baby

Thunder King Raioh goes to two and Mind Crush back to three and all the searches going in the game. While T-King and Mind Crush has been MVPs for a long time sometimes you need something that requires an even lesser amount of effort compared to those two. What better way to include another form of disruption to Yugioh’s endless search and draw options? A hand trap to nerf that seems pretty solid, so, add Droll & Lock Bird (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Droll_%26_Lock_Bird) into the list to go against decks which enjoys profiting like a jimmy trying to go billion. The thing is you’ll need them to draw or search first before dropping Droll & Lock Bird (could go wrong at times.) It’s a give and take situation with these three fellows. 

Apart from Birdy, Retort (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Retort) is beginning to look like a reliable method to counter mirror matches for decks like Fire Fist and Prophecy. It is not a matter of chance anymore since both decks literally share about 90% similarity between each other. Perhaps this troll finally graduated from trolling under the bridge to find better things to do? I don’t know I am just looking at every available option right now that doesn’t seem too far out. Banned list has been announced and a new format has been decided (kinda) let’s see what happens now. Here comes the ending and another short post for today. Thank you for spending time here!



Apparently Shriek has posted a list that is convincing to many players out there. The only thing I can and would comment on is, I LOLed so hard! If this list turns out to be real, I’ll be LOLing even harder! It is obvious enough that Wind-Ups are dead so no more Shock Medallion Lock terror and Mermails’ position just went from good to godlike. Again, if the list turns out to be true, Fire Fist and Mermails are going to dominate Malaysia’s Meta (practically the whole OCG) until September comes along. That’s about everything for now. Here’s the link to those who haven’t seen it (doubt so.):

Important note, Maxx “C” goes back to being a priority in the Main or Side deck again and some fuckers are going to mess around with Prophecy in Asia Qualifiers. Fire Kings as well since people will bet on chances. Pretty damn sure about it! Whether or not they go Meta that’s a subject for next time. So, do your homework and keep a look out. Thank you for dropping by!



The list is coming and sure enough everyone knows Mermails and Wind-Ups are going to be nerf one way or another. Whether or not they are able to make a comeback is right now anybody’s guess. With that certainty, Verz’s spot as one of the dominant forces in the OCG is almost definite. Even with Fire Fist being another big competitor Verz will continue to see play (because Effect Veiler, Forbidden Garment, and Demon’s Chain exist) until something else comes along. We all know what the deck does and how terrifying Ophion and Bahamut can be not forgetting their immunity towards spells and traps thanks to Infestation Pandemic. And then you get all the other good Rank 4 Exceeds as their allies.

Previously, Mike from Dueling Legacy has written a post regarding the ways to counter Verz. The point stands that Verz dies badly in Damage Step so you can expect Forbidden Lance to be a good Meta call if ever Verz decides to colonize your Metagame. Problem is, Verz themselves side in Forbidden Lances.  Given that knowledge, how do you cope with that? One of the most obvious answers is Prideful Roar since it allows activation during Damage Calculation. However, you would have to deal with that fact Prideful Roar requires you to pay LPs which can be devastating in the long run (and trust Verz to outlast you one way or another.) Same goes to Injection Fairy Lily. Another excellent card against Verz as it guarantees a positive reaction for your side of the board. She either works as bait, a wall, or an outright killer. But again the paying 2000LPs all day long isn’t exactly wise (though they are effective ways to deal with Verz.)

And then you get cards like Fiery Fervor (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Fiery_Fervor), so powerful yet at the same time can look so feeble under the mighty Lance. It offers you everything Prideful Roar and Injection Fairy Lily puts on the table but comes with a do-or-die scenario. Fiery Fervor is what I would consider a 50-50 card against Verz. If they have Lance, you minus and cry but if they don’t you laugh can proceed to LOL. Damage Step prowess, a lingering trap that can prove troublesome (tiny monsters no more?) Unless you have multiple copies set, Fiery Fervor dies badly against Forbidden Lance. But if this card might come in handy against a lot of decks especially in a beatdown-orientated format. Generic wise, if you looking a flexible card to go counter Verz Forbidden Lance looks to be the best one out there for now (under the Spell category.) I don’t know why I wrote this article but I hope readers get something out of it. As always remember to play smart, fight hard, or go home a loser. Thank you for dropping by!