Calming The Flames Within, 1

Whaddup people? K’yde here. This will be another tournament report segment. Breaking the Curse was last year and I kinda already broke what I called “the curse” so I needed to change the name of my tourney report segment. You get the drill I suppose. Anyway, the WCQ season started earlier than expected and some selected official shops are already hosting Seed Qualifiers so I decided to give it a go this week. Before that, congratulations to Jason Yong for qualifying last week with Prophecy! Here goes the report.

Seed Qualifiers Tournament
Deck Used: Verz
Format: 5 rounds of Swiss cut to Top 4

ROUND 1 (Chaos Dragons)

Game 1: I played the grind game with Verz Thunderbird while taking care of my opponent’s important summons with back-rows. A couple of moments later I drew into my second monster and made Verz Ophion. I told him “You are GG” and he scooped.

Game 2: He summoned Card Trooper and used its effect to mill some good stuff but I Maxx “C” before he could do anything. My opponent didn’t want to take the challenge so he set something and passed. Next turn, I drew into Verz Castor and he had no response to all my actions. He tried to clear Ophion with Ryko but I chained Forbidden Shroud. 


ROUND 2 (Prophecy)

Game 1: I assume my opponent opened pretty bad cause in this game I didn’t see any monsters of his except Effect Veiler. Verz Ophion and the gang beat him to death.

Game 2: I chose not to side since I have no idea what my opponent was playing and logically my main deck was good enough to win unless I meet some broken shit or opened crap. As soon as Game 2 started he showed me Divine Judgment and the shits! WHAT THE FUCK?! Yes, scoop please.

Game 3: What happens if Verz don’t open with EEV and Ophion you ask? LOL! Managed to drag the game with Verz Ophion, Infestation Pandemic, and legit backrows. But eventually he out-farmed me and killed me with Fate and bitchy Junons. Salty, salty, salty!


ROUND 3 (Tidal Mermails)

Game 1: I started with Verz Ophion and decent backrows (Shroud+CED). He tried to sent me sky high with Spike+Infantry moves but Forbidden Shroud was too sexy. Next, Michael said “1950 Ophion?! I can just Exceed and kill it!” and so the tale continued with some sick plays into Bahamut Shark sadly it ended with a cheap twist, Compulsory Evacuation Device. I drew Verz Kerykeion next turn and told him “You are GG”.

Game 2: Maxx “C” went flying but my opponent showed me Aoi combined with Mind Crush. I clapped for his marvelous display of total dominance.

Game 3: I summon Verz Ophion and set some doped up backrows. My opponent replied with a triple set and ended. We were both high on backrows. When my Standby Phase came, he flipped up Abyssphere, I paused for a bit and consider what the fuck he was doing. Then I remembered his marvelous moves in Game 2 so Solemn Judgment came and taught both of us some moral values. Next I pro-Stormed him and indeed he had Mind Crush and Aoi. No chain happened cause the dude didn’t wanted to risk it. I summon Castor into Kerykeion and you can picture the rest of this game.


ROUND 4 (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: This kid was probably high on something. He went into Quickdraw (tossing Level Eater) into Junk Synchron into Level Eater into Doppel Warrior without asking me if I had any response. I gave him a warning and flipped up Torrential Tribute. Verz Ophion showed up next and you know the rest of the story.

Game 2: Kid did the same shit again but this time Maxx bro taught him some much needed manners and Veiler sis/bro(?) bitch-slapped his Road Warrior. Dude told me 3000 ATK is strong enough to handle the whole Verz deck. Obviously he hasn’t heard of Verz Mandrago. A couple of moments later I told him “You are GG!”


ROUND 5 (Machina Gadgets)

It was initially a no-show but I decided to play it fair when the dude appeared but he refused my offer and said he already knows the result so decided to give this lowly rookie some chance by going home. I gladly accepted his kindness and we shook hands. I told him “You are GG” anyways.


TOP 4 (3-Axis Fire Fist)

Game 1: What happens if you open Verz Castor, Verz Heliotrope, Effect Veiler, double Infestation Pandemics, and draw into another Verz Heliotrope? Yes, you TRY to put up a fight and eventually die to the nasty human called Bear. 

Game 2: When you open with Maxx “C”, Verz Heliotrope, RoTA, Heavy Storm, Verz Kerykeion, and draw into Infestation Infection what do you do? Yes, you Maxx “C” and TRY to put up a fight before eventually dying to the nasty human called Bear. Or you can just go “EEEEEEEEEEEEE MACARENA” and do the Harlem Shake with your hand cards. 


Karma decided to flip me over because I told too many people YOU ARE GG. The funny thing was a couple of days back I was chatting with Jeff Soh (one of SG’s legendary beast which you don’t simply mess with) on how broken Fire Fist can become in the future and this particular deck decided to slam my door shut AGAIN. Fuck I need to get a charm to repel Fire Fist! When you have sided-in triple Overworked and double Crows but do not see them at all you know you need a charm against this sort of shizzles. Maybe I should just main triple Overworked to deal with this sort of evil. Yup, I will go back to my waterfall and continue with Zen meditation until the next time the stars signal me for another challenge. To Jeff (if you are reading this), I will pray to the stars for you to receive celestial luck during Asia Championships so the bakuteh thing becomes a reality. Best of luck!

I end up placing 3rd today because my second round opponent said he wants to go for dinner after I place Eradicator Epidemic Virus in the middle of my playmat. Got a silver promo pack that isn’t worth a single crap unless you pull Mecha Phantom Beast tokens which I did not (FML!!!) Also, congratulations to Ivan Chen (the 3-Axis bastard who took my Ophion’s head) for qualifying as one of the Seeds! By the way, check out Dueling Legacy’s latest article on why Seedings are so damn important. Until next time folks thank you for dropping by!