Rolling With The Top Dogs, 6

This is an interview I, myself, have been looking forward to. No need for introductions since basically almost everyone who plays Yugioh (OCG-wise) knows him.  I would like to thank Mike for helping me get in touch with this entity. Appreciate it much! Today I present to you the legendary combo maker, all the way from Singapore, Bahamut84! Or better known as Baha. He has more then enough credentials to prove his worth. Go ahead and enjoy his words of wisdom.


Notable Achievements:
Asia Championship Qualifier 2007 (Singapore) - 3rd Place (Disk LADD)
Worlds Championship Qualifier 2008 (Singapore) - 1st Place (Honest Viper)
World Championship 2008 (Berlin) - Represented (Honest Viper)
Asia+ Team Tournament Qualifier 2010 (Singapore) - 1st Place (Debris Dandy)
Asia+ Team Tournament 2010 (Hong Kong) - 3rd Place (Debris Dandy)

1.How is the meta in your country performing at the moment?
Its mostly Inzektors but there are plenty of other top decks like Rabbits, Laval, Geargia Karakuri and Hero Beat which makes it so hard to construct a good side deck. After all, we are all trying to win the delicious weekly Tournament Prizes like Lavalval Chain.

2.Do you think TCG exclusives provides positive changes in OCG's meta and competitive environment?
Yes it does even though most of them are broken and will not be touched by the banlist for a long time. 

3.Has Yugioh's progression gotten better and do you enjoy playing the game as of now?
The game is much more advanced now and there are so many One Turn Kill decks. I do enjoy it because I like playing combo decks.

4.How do you prepare yourself upon entering a major tournament?
Get enough sleep and make sure you are prepared for all the match ups.

5.How do you usually choose which deck to play? Is it by meta-preference or passion?
Always pick a deck that you are comfortable and enjoy playing. I do sometime bring random rogue decks to play competitively if its really fun, Ok fine sometimes I just want to troll people. I brought Countdown deck for 2009 Asia Championship Qualifier and made sure I time out every game. >=D

6.What is your major focus when it comes to side-decking?
I usually put cards that are versatile and can be used to combat multiple deck. Try not to over-side your deck and lose your deck focus

7.What is the best or fastest way to improve yourself as a player, in your opinion?
Play as much as possible, you never know when you might encounter a similar situation in a tournament. Watch more duel videos, visit my blog! Or whatever lol.

8.If you were given the right to ban a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?
Monster Reborn. It allows so many plays and without it, some One Turn Kill combos would not be possible.

9.If Konami would allow you to unbanned a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?
Trishula. People are running multiple Effect Veilers and siding Maxx C everywhere. It is very hard to win with random Trish without actually committing enough resources to make it a plus. I also miss Spore and Bulb.

10.Apart from banned list, if you were given a chance to change something in Yugioh, what would it be?
Remove TCG exclusives. It makes OCG and TCG very different games.

Thank you Baha for spending some time to share your thoughts to other players. It’ll be helpful I hope. Removing TCG-exclusives, that is very true. Though that is my personal point of view. So, I hope you’ve learned something from this interview. I’ll be hunting for more pro OCG players to include in this section. Look forward and stay tune! Thank you for dropping by!

-Baha is one of Dueling Days’ blogger.
-He prefers to play combo-oriented decks.
-One of his favourite deck is Hero Beat.
-Baha likes to self-touch. I mean, likes to play decks that self-touch. (LOL)
-Some of his favourite cards include E.Hero Stratos and Trishula.


  1. Replies
    1. The man is worthy to be call a Yugioh legend. :)

  2. baha loves to self-touch. I mean LOL!!! Legendary performer is legendary :D

    1. Yugioh Hall of Fame, we need one. :D

  3. Baha i hate to say it however unless konami wants to give everyone the same cards, and have every place in the world with the same sets and cards TCG exclusives have to exist to balance out the fact that we are 1 main set behind the OCG and several duel terminal sets behind the OCG. Although personally im all for konami just giving everyone the same cards and see who is best with what is out, not who is best with what is out in your area of the world. also i agree with reborn getting banned however, im more of an OTK player myself so those that try too win via time out i usually try to make played which kill stall effects. Lastly if any card could come off the banlist at one i think Tribe Infecting Virus could personally.