Michelangelo Swift Kicking And Screaming

Yuki Usagi is a massive game-balancer joining the ranks of Effect Veiler and Maxx “C” and without a doubt will be making its debut very soon. This card is a nice option for a wide range of use due to how generalize the game is right now and having a hand trap against Pendulum Scales is indeed much more reliable in comparison to backrows. Being a Light monster and a Tuner basically gives it the same functions as Effect Veiler held (Light fodder and such) plus Emergency Teleport having access to it opens up a variety of different tactics. I like how Yuki Usagi enables E-Tele to be use similar to a Trap card. The lightweight part about Usag, it doesn’t negate the monster’s effect so it’s somewhat subpar against monsters like Stratos or Atum. A one-for-one trade is good but a lot more can be said otherwise.

Galaxy Cyclone is downright abusive if not a bully. It gives you the similar advantage Breakthrough Skill provides but what really stands out is how players using this card now have constant access to a MST-esque card at their disposal against Pendulum Scales, face-up Traps/Spells. Galaxy Cyclone not being a Quick-Play card is something to be thankful about so is the limitation it has for not being able to activate both effects in the same turn. However, the latter’s restriction can easily be bypass just by having another copy of it in your Graveyard. Talk about redefining strategies.

I am a big fan of the Cyber Dragon archetype but whether or not the strategy will achieve Meta success is still up for debate. Cyber Dragon Infinity is a neat addition to the deck’s arsenal. What I like about it? Infinity gives the deck a strong opening move. For example, go into Infinity with a set Vanity’s Emptiness and you are golden (in some sense.) All you need is three cards for the example combo to work. Despite all the hype Infinity gotten, Chimeratech Rampage Dragon somehow appealed much more to me. Free backrow destruction, Foolish Burial more fodders, and additional attacks to clear the board. What’s important is Rampage opens the option for players to abuse Overload Fusion and it’s a Level 5. Power Bond into Cyber Twin Dragon, Overload Fusion into Chimeratech Rampage Dragon, the rest is up to your imagination. In a way, Rampage plays a more important role for CyDra OTK to be competitively relevant.

Last but not least, Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince. One word, BROKEN. This card just gave Atlantean Mermails another way to one card OTK with Deep Sea Diva. No matter how I look at it Neptabyss looks more like a princess to me. This concludes today’s post. CyDRA OTK is now my default casual deck and hopefully i can find a reason to visit locals soon. Thank you for reading! If you have anything to share, please do so by commenting below.