In It For The Cheese

We are in full-fledged WCQ season now and for Malaysians we have a little less than 2 weeks before our two day tournament starts. The common predicament right now is deciding what decks to run IF you have no access to the top three most played decks at the moment. A lot of you might feel it is pointless to enter a large-scale tournament with a sub-par deck which in a way is true but misguided as well. The point of today’s article is to suggest a few decks you can pilot and potentially do well with it. Whether you reach the top tables or not depends entirely on your capabilities. What I am doing is presenting choices you can choose from and maybe change your mind if you have already decided to or not to compete in this year’s nationals (if your argument is about the 30 Duelist Points I cannot help you.) So, let’s get right to it.

My first pick would go to 4-Axis Fire Fist. The deck is consistent and has proven to be a very strong contender also running this deck pretty much assures that you have one of the top three decks covered, Verz. Contrary to popular belief, 4-Axis Fire Fist does have the juice to go against Dragon Rulers. You have access to Tensen that gives you a leverage in the beatstick game and remember King Tiger’s effect can be a nuisance to deal with (Dracossack not so problematic now huh?) Apart from all that, the deck has the ability to tech in popular hate cards like Imperial Iron Wall, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Soul Drain which, if successfully resolved, puts you in a high up ground against Dragon Rulers. Crimson Blader is also another point to ponder on. Though having said all that, you’ll need to figure out how to deal with Prophecies EFFECTIVELY.

Second option goes to Constellars. The deck might not be as consistent as 4-Axis but bear in mind Compulsory Evacuation Device is doing a massive amount of damage towards Dragon Rulers and guess what? Add in Sacred Pleiades in the equation you might just have a solid strategy going on. Like 4-Axis, Constellars has a pretty fair match-up against Verz. Boss monster-wise, Pleiades definitely gives Ophion a hard time. Though you might not have the ability to run Imperial Iron Wall as effectively as 4-Axis (Sombres plays) you get to fully utilize DNA Surgery against Prophecies if you are concentrating your game plan on dishing out Rank 5 Exceeds. Continuing from that point, having easy access to Rank 5 means you get to go Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon for Eradicator Epidemic Virus plays. Mental Drain is also a good Side in this deck given the fact that Iron Wall is a fifty-fifty. Overall, you have a fair match-up against the three top decks (maybe a relatively easier match against Verz.)  As always, to go the extra mile, think outside the box.

Third option, CHAIN BURN! I am not joking. Decks like these will never cease to be a surprise factor and sometimes a deciding factor. Even if people are aware of it not everyone is prepared for it. The deck stalls like crazy with stuff like Swift Scarecrows, Battle Faders, and whatnot which eventually becomes annoying and could possibly lead certain players to make a huge misplay where you can take advantage of. If your opponent doesn’t know how to handle rogue shit like that you are as good as gold (well, maybe.) Speaking of rogue decks, include Herald of Perfection into the list. If you don’t know what the deck does, you deserve to get slap by it. Consistency is a good argument however recently the deck has evolve to a point where even teching in cards like Metaion and Imperial Iron Wall works. Leave the rest to Krystia and odd ball to deal with. If you really like to be “special”, this deck might just be your pick. At times going all "fuck logic" is the most logical way.

The last two decks included in the list are Mermails and Gadgets. Abyssteus is out and coupled with Tidal the deck can go nuts easily. Mermail Abyssgaios and Mecha Phantom Beast Draccosack on the board with no effort, not only Dragons can do that. However, by running a combo deck you put yourself in the position of being affected by Maxx “C” which, in many ways, is the least of your problems. Imperial Iron Wall is there for you to play with and so is Eradicator Epidemic Virus. Again, you just need to think outside the box. Mermails are very, very flexible when it comes to Spell and Trap techs. Last but not least, Gadgets! This is one deck I will never write out because it is absolutely one of the best adaptable decks in the game. Amazing consistency and rock solid! Gadgets can deal with Verz pretty well and has been constantly evolving to do battle against the other top decks. You have Double Summon power plays as well as Kagetokage and Chain Summoning (SHOCK MASTER SYNDROME!) Sadly, Tinplate Goldfish isn’t official. When you talk about tech/hate cards like Imperial Iron Wall, Soul Drain, Gozen Match, Rivalry of the Warlords the deck practically has it all. The idea of trolling Dracossack with Cyber Dragon is amusing. Shit if you don’t like CyDra being a Level 5, you can always play Proto-Cyber Dragon or Cyber Dragon Zwei for fucks (can be search out by Geargiganto’s effect.) Overall, the deck has a lot of consistency and versatility. 

So, yeah, if you cannot afford to play the Meta or don’t want to play the Meta for whatever reasons you have these decks are always here for you to choose. Its not the end of your dueling career. All that and I forgot to mention Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and Vanity’s Emptiness. It has been awhile since I posted anything this long. I hope you enjoyed reading it. That’s it for today. Until next time, remember to play smart, fight hard, or go home a loser. Thank you for stopping by!


What The Flying Fuck

Nah, it’s not going to be an article as dramatic as the title sounds. The title is more like an expression I have with the number of numbskulls I am meeting and working with lately. Talk about quality of life equals to the amount of positive encounters. So, going back to Shadow Specters, I decided to take another look at the upcoming set and found a few cute cards that might become useful in the future.  First off, we have Mistake (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Mistake). While Droll & Lock Bird has become the pinnacle choice when it comes to sealing off search and additional draw abilities, not every deck can find synergy with the said card (there is also the -1 factor in it which needs to be given consideration.) Back-row control decks like Verz usually work better in their element instead of outside and we have seen Deck Lockdown (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Deck_Lockdown) calling the deck home. Both cards are great in what they do, so how does Mistake come into the picture? 

We have Droll (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Droll_&_Lock_Bird) which is a hand trap and Deck Lockdown a continuous spell. The pros and cons are obvious. But players should consider the chain factor. The ability to chain itself to cards like Spellbook of Secrets (for example) while it is activated is quite a big deal. It immediately becomes a minus for your opponents unless they have MST or shit like that. In that sense Mistake can justify its place in Side Decks. Deck Lockdown cannot do that and in Droll’s case, you can only toss it after your opponent searches or draws. Yes, you stop them for the rest of the turn with Bird but the value of that one card they used still stands and who is to say you have the guns to hold them back during the next turn? (If you do, bravo) Though Deck Lockdown comes with a bonus of stopping Special Summons from deck, you have almost no choice but to use it as soon as it comes into your hand or it becomes dead. What I like about Mistake is its ability to work together with cards like Deck Lockdown. Activate Deck Lockdown and set Mistake, your opponent will most likely deal with the previous threat if they are able to instead of hitting your set card (obviously!) Talk about surprise factor! But, yeah, space management again becomes a huge deciding factor and we also have the usual Royal Decree/Trap Stun argument. However, Mistake is a nice inclusion for back-row oriented decks to deal with the current Meta.

Next up, Grisaille Gaol (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Grisaille_Gaol). I guess this is Konami’s idea of subliminal messages since Monarchs are potentially coming back to the scene. Straight to the point, Grisaille Gaol comes with the ability to stop Synchro and Exceed summoning while also given an additional twist of negating effects of those said monsters that are already on the board all with the requirement of having either one of the following on your side of the field: Tribute, Ritual, or Fusion monster. I know it looks like a troll card and seems situational but in decks like Heroes this shit ain’t a joke at all. The fact that it is also chainable allows more alternatives on how it can be played. This card allows the controller to manipulate the board freely it is scary to think of. Let your opponent commit first then flip Grisaille up, that example alone is an exaggerated enough what-the-fuck moment. Miracle into The Shining/Absolute Zero and set Grisaille Gaol anyone? Anyhow, it looks fun to play with this card. Grisaille Gaol might slowly make its way into the game (fingers crossed.) Theory-wise, this card is huge if you can consistently pull it off and if that becomes a reality it will be a nightmare. But for now it is just another cute card. Yugioh seems to be creeping back to grind games but, yeah, wait for September before making any conclusions. Thank you for reading!

Colours And Whatnot

For a long time, a big part of Yugioh’s Meta was dictated by LIGHT and DARK-based decks but recently we are beginning to experience a big shift of trend. With Dino Rabbits and Wind-Ups as pioneers, Konami started a revolution and it continued from Mermails to Fire Fist and eventually Dragon Rulers. I just read Dueling Legacy’s latest post and decided to check out Shadow Specters for the first time. To my surprise the set offers a lot more compared to Judgment of the Light (well, not exactly surprising.) Biggest news right now would be the new and revamped Monarchs making a return after a long time. I have nothing special to say about them right now but with 2800 ATK installed (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Granmarg_the_Hard_Earth_Monarch) with a packed-in search card (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Unearthing_of_the_Monarchs) is definitely going to change how the game works again. I am seeing more OTK plays (2800 no fuckin’ kiddin’) and maybe a mish-mash of original Monarchs because the new spell card allows you to either search the bigger badass or search a badass of your choice (pretty interesting.) The additional effects gained if tribute according to element part is a joke (in a good and bad way.) Insert Dragon Rulers+Monarchs craze here or it could be Konami’s attempt to bring YGO back to their older ways. 

However, the Shadow Specters set is not only limited to that. Pyrallis, the Blazing Purple Dragon (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Purple_Dragon_FlameThrower) is a new Level 2 Synchro Tuner which can be a game-changer if you are still a fan of Synchro-based decks (with that I mean spit-Quasar-out-deck.) Not only is it a Synchro Tuner but it comes the ability to deplete your opponent’s monsters’ attacks by 500 giving you a lot of outs if you can only manage smaller Synchro Monsters in certain situations. Not broken but decent enough and it does open up more opportunities, alternatives for Quasar.deck to do shit. And then there is Ogre Rock Castle (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ogre_Rock_Castle)! A new Level 9 Synchro following the trend of Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon, Trident Dragion, and Starform Dragon which only requires one Tuner and non-Tuner monster to Synchro Summon. I almost forgot to mention the part where it comes with an initial 2900 ATK points and could grow even bigger if not Veilered. But who cares since this fucker will normally be a 3100 bastard. Good news for BEWD decks and fuck imma change Hieratics into a Synchro deck. Konami, thank you for more OTKs. LOL!

Other than that, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has also return to the scene with new supports from the latest Structure Deck and Shadow Specters also offers some indirectly support to sell ‘em fuckers (first Ogre Rock Castle now this?) Number 46: Ethereal Dragon-Draggluong (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Number_46:_Ethereal_Dragon_-_Draggluong) is big and broken in so many unseen ways luckily enough only limited to Dragon-based decks (for now). While Divine Dragoon Felgrand (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Divine_Dragoon_Felgrand) is a pretty good Rank 8 Exceed which comes with a good effect and big-enough-body (yes, Grapha gets more big beaters in his/her/it’s foreign Extra Deck army.) I personally like Draggluong and D.D. Felgrand a lot and will be experimenting further more into BEWD and Hieratic-based decks. Nothing certain yet but the possibilities looks amazing so far. Last but not least, Bujin gets more support in this set and they are walking on sunshine I must say. For Zombie lovers, Shadow Specters introduces a new archetype but whether or not they see play is another story. Also, we are getting a new Pot of Avarice (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Pot_of_Duplicity). Again, decent stuff and as said earlier Shadow Specters is coming up to be an amazing set. That’s all the randomness I want to share today and maybe I’ll post up a more detailed article on the usage of these cards. When I am done with my semester that is. Thank you for dropping by!


Love And Hate

The thing about Dragon Rulers is you gotta love how they give value to just about any card which is not DARK or LIGHT elements. Probably the only point I agree with Dragon Rulers to say the least. The Dragon Rulers we see today have been rapidly evolving in accordance to its pilot and without a doubt they continue to innovate how Yugioh is at the moment. What I love the most about these fuckers is how they constantly incorporate old cards exploring a multitude of new tactics and strategies. Cards like Horus LV6/LV8, Obelisk the Tormentor, or Light and Darkness Dragon have long since depleted in market value but with the help of Dragon Rulers these old cards have a chance to once again debut in competitive play. It is not surprising that each and everyone have their own style in how they run Dragon Rulers even though a big part of their game play remains the same.  The fact that old collections are being considered again is a wonderful aspect of the game right now. To be able to see what was once seen as “junk” making an impact in the Meta is nonetheless very, very amusing. Maybe that is what Konami was trying to do when they decided to release Dragon Rulers (fingers crossed.) Nah, they just wanted to sell Dragon-Sex? 

With all the love and appreciation for Dragons, there are points which make them disgusting as well. The idea of two broken decks going head to head equals to skill level is at times utter bullshit. To a certain extent, yes, you require skills and wits to outplay (outgun) your opponents but the fact is that only happens if both players open up with a “less” broken hand. In reality, someone will have the edge either by setting up with four colours first or by having a “complete” hand (Super Rejuvenation, Effect Veiler, Maxx “C”.) How can such be seen as fair or skill-oriented? To me, the whole idea of the mirror match is skill-oriented is but an illusion. I am not saying it is impossible to win when you face an already resolved Super Rejuvenation Dragons and damn right a Maxx “C” in hand to hinder your plays however it once again becomes a high risk put-up-or-shut-up-situation. If you meet success, you deserve a salute and handshake, if not you are probably going to die an even harsher death than what was initially planned. The luck factor is a much bigger aspect of the Meta right now (same goes to Prophecy.) IF that wasn’t obvious enough right? LOL! 

Eventually it goes back to some of the core roots of conquering the Meta, deck construction and anticipating the latest trend. You can never beat luck but you can always alter the possibility of luck fucking you up (if you know what I mean.) Either way you would have to “define” the Meta to beat the Meta and I kid you not this intensity will continue as long as Dragon Rulers and Prophecy continues to reign supreme. Having said all that, making the right decisions is at its utmost importance. Whether its deck construction or when you are trying to outplay your opponent with “the complete hand.” If you don’t wanna lose to a random joe with plenty of cash to spare you damn right pick it in terms of intellect! (the battle of originality continues) Will Konami make a change when September comes (oh yeah, remember to wake that Green Day guy up when September ends) or will this catastrophe continue until 2014? That’s anybody’s guess right now. This is something random I wanted to share. No joke Mike from Dueling Legacy just wrote a proper article (kudos to him.) If you have not read his latest article, please go and do so (Psi-Blocker is huge!) Thank you for reading!


Into The Future

What’s up people? It has been awhile since my last post and I have yet to get an actual break from assignments thus no new updates. To be honest, I don’t feel like blogging due to the lack of relevant topics to talk about. Everything seems to be pretty obvious so why waste time to talk about subjects that has been spinning around the cyberspace? Anyhow, today’s post is purely about random ups and downs of my Yugioh activities last month and in the future. Malaysia’s WCQ is set to take place on 29th and 30th June (yes, two fucking days finally) and SEED qualifying tournaments has been going on for awhile now. I played a total of five qualifiers and I kid you not I am cursed to stay in third place! As for the decks I piloted, I played around with Verz, Hieratics and Dragon Rulers (two tournaments with Verz, another two with Hieratics, and the final one with Dragon Rulers.)

To conclude everything, I doubt Verz has any real artillery to deal colossal amount of damage right now. No matter what you do Verz depends highly on the first five cards you open with and if it is shitty regardless your build and techs you will most probably end up dying to the two major titans of YGO as of 2013, Dragon Rulers and Prophecy. So, unless you are an extremely lucky person I wouldn’t recommend playing Verz at all. Though I must comment on the sickness of Kagetokage tech and all the main-decked hate which is extremely table-flipping-ish. I, for one, do not possess such Godlike fortune so I will not be playing Verz for WCQ although the deck has brought me a tremendous amount of growth and improvement. 

Assignments are a bitch but I will be training with Dragon Rulers and explore more possibilities with Hieratics before WCQ comes along. As of now, I have no idea on what to pilot. But I’ll definitely be playing some insane combo deck with massive OTK potentials. It may be creative and may also be Meta, I do not know for sure. Shit, I might even consider a Blue-Eyes deck if I manage to come up with some jacked up plays and tactics. Before I end today’s post, shout outs to Wen Shen for playing Chain Burn and trolling everyone today. No joke that was the most exciting and fun game I had all day. LOL! That’s all for now and hopefully I will find the aspiration, inspiration to actively blog again after my semester ends. Last but not least, check out Death Aspect’s recent YGO road map series. Some quality read going on there. Thank you for stopping by!