Rolling With The Top Dogs, 8

I’m going to postpone other articles I’ve written to present this interview to you guys. Yes, its J Speed! Another OCG player who is internationally famous. Perhaps as famous as Baha? Skills and credentials, both players has proven much and no doubt they are both top players in the OCG. Anyhow, I would like to thank Satoshi-san for helping me get in touch with J Speed. Thank you and much appreciated! This is another interview I was looking forward to myself. Without further delays, let us proceed to the interview. Go and enjoy it!

J Speed

Notable achievements:
Japan Nationals 3rd Place
Japanese Unoffical Championship Top 8 (29 TIMES!)

1.How is the meta in your country performing at the moment?
Now, there are a variety of decks in OCG. Inzektors, Heroes, Laval, Hieratics, Rabbits, Six-Samurai, etc. Among them, Inzektors are the strongest. Today's OCG is dominated by 'Inzektor Hornet'.  Any card that would be destroyed by Hornet is difficult to use.  In addition, 'Inzektor Gruf' supplements Hornet's weakness because Gruf  is not used to destroy cards.  Inzektor deck is the most common deck in the Meta here in OCG. Other decks intend to defeat it.

2.Do you think TCG exclusives provides positive changes in OCG's meta?
Tour Guide, Tengu, Dolkka, and so on. Those cards must be strong enough change the existing meta. In addition, many of the Japanese player want to use these cards.

3.Has Yugioh's progression gotten better and do you enjoy playing the game as of now?
Yes, I like the recent Yugioh than the one in the past. New ideas are more interesting and all. Also I have high expectations in the future for this game.

4.How do you prepare yourself upon entering a major tournament?
Build a deck after consulting with close associates. It is actually not only playing games and practice only a little just before that is important because I think the most important part is deck construction. Compared to play-skills. Should spend a lot of time for it.

5.How do you usually choose which deck to play? Is it meta-preference or passion?
Strong decks. My aim is to win matches and that is the most important thing to me. I usually choose top meta decks. But if I don't like it, I ‘ll choose my favorite deck. Of course, Vayu-Turbo deck.

6.What is your major focus when it comes to side-decking?
Removing the unnecessary cards and don't lose balance of the main deck. Main deck is the best condition of your deck. I want to keep it in that condition if possible.

7.What is the best or fastest way to improve yourself as a player, in your opinion?
To have a good friends. They bring good ideas, points out important factors, and new friends.

8.If you were given the right to ban a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?
Nothing. I was satisfied when Konami decided to ban Trap Dustshoot!

9.If Konami would allow you to unbanned a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?
Rescue Cat. I want to use it once again. Love it! And Time Seal, maybe it wouldn’t influence much change.

10.Apart from banned list, if you were given the chance to change something in Yugioh, what would it be?
I want to establish a better system of rules. OCG's rules are incomplete. There are many that have not been fully determined and clarified.

Deck construction is indeed one of the most important aspects in Yugioh at the moment. Thus why it is crucial if one wishes to progress further up the ranks. Nothing against net-decking. Its good education and information. However, an individual will certainly perform better with a deck and side-deck prepared by himself. Nothing different with side-deck. Understand your choices. It’ll help you avoid misplays and also help you play with comfort. That is all for today. I’ll be posting up more critical and analytical-based articles soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find time to discuss topics readers’ requested. Stay tuned people and once again thank you for reading!

-J Speed’s favourite deck is Vayu Turbo.
-J Speed’s favourite card is Rescue Cat.
-Some considers J Speed to be a title instead of a player’s initial.
-One of the top OCG players known globally.


  1. does J Speed have a blog/youtube?

    1. The last blog under my blog roll belongs to J Speed.

  2. if Inzektor is the most common deck i take anyone not running them are main decking 3 shadow-imprisoning mirrors or skill drain. And for everything else there's summon limit refering to any deck that combo plays to gain an immense presence on the field refer to any deck that spams or brings out Evol Laggia.

    1. Triple MST and Night Shot. Those cards aren't worth to run in a main-deck. Inzektors might be the most common deck but Laval, Heroes and Verz Laggia are still pretty dominant depending on the area.