I Know Right

After a month or so of waiting, Konami has decided to troll us again with the new Limit Regulation in the OCG (yeah, no changes required is pretty convincing Konami.) I haven’t been updating anything because everyone else is doing such a great job (especially DSummon’s YES Facebook page) and I have no intentions of posting product reviews just to keep the blog updated so, yeah, there goes any Yugi-related writings from my side. To be honest, I have been playing more Poker and Chess compared to Yugioh lately. Sold my Dragon Rulers and I am back to messing around with Hieratics. Anyhow, Asia Plus is approaching and I suppose it’s time to leave out the rest and get my mind straight. In the meantime, check out this guy here.

                                                 (Months late and he missed the airplanes.)

I am not sure if this is even funny anymore Konami. What a blowout right? The irony is strong in this one. Alright people that’s all for this time. I will be back with more stuff during December since the CyDra OTK joke I lay down every now and then has decided it no longer wants to be a joke. Machine lovers rejoice! On a side note, Noblswarm Belzebuth looks like a legit Kamen Rider and Bujintei Tsukuyomi is kicking stones. Last but not least, thank you for dropping by!