So I Stumble Upon Dark World And Met Grapha. He Told Me To Write About How Powerful His Forces Are.

A famous explorer once said, the the extraordinary is in what we do not who we are. Similar to that, what makes a genius is what he or she has done. This can be a silly misconception but nevertheless a form of motivation that could possibly change the world as it is. Dark World is similar in that way. It is not a deck one can easily copy and hope to do well with. No, I’m not discrediting other decks and that is merely my perspective on Dark World. The deck has to be built in an orderly fashion of your own. It is safe to say many has put away the ferocity and atrocity Dark World is capable of. Thus why I refuse to remove it from my list of decks that can possibly win WCQ or make it far. Dark World has yet to make a mark in Malaysia, or should I say the OCG? Why? The answer itself is something I wouldn’t wish to discuss. What makes Dark World a deck so fearful, the following is why I think so.

Dark World is anything but linear. You can disagree due to the fact how many played the deck in your eyes. Based on your own experience. But I would choose to hold on to the fact that DWs requires a lot of skill and creativity to play. Abstract point but true. The deck itself can easily turn in so many aspects, take out Viruses and they become OTK-oriented (Speed), put in Viruses and they become Control-based.  It easily becomes a deck you are comfortable with. Given that kind of elements, DW can easily side-in and out to deal with the majority of decks currently in the Meta. Perhaps the most frightful part is how the pace and tempo this deck is capable of switching. Though all this require a lot of experience.

A monster having the ability to be used as an aggro means to destroy cards or a recurring boss monster that has remarkable stats. Grapha alone made DW as good as they are today. Being unaffected by popular hand traps gives more reason why one should be caution when facing Dark World. Not to forget Gate of the Dark World. This card (Grapha) is a sole factor why DW should be remembered as a fearsome deck. A simple beater, a means for outs to troublesome cards and a possible combo enabler. More can be added on how it can do but that two points is enough to voucher a remembrance.

We all know what it does and how it can easily give DW players a turning point to beat the odds they are against. This card has easily wrecked so many established plays made by you in the easiest way. Thus why Card Destruction should always be in the back of your mind when facing Dark World. Not the most important power card in their arsenal but one that can make you flip the table. Similar to Royal Tribute in some fashion, it requires no skill and is a combo enabler for DW. So yeah, discarding your whole hand is a big issue even though you get back the same amount of cards. The trick is you lose some cards you want to keep and they plus by DW monster effects. Nasty!

Free gift card in DW. Dragged, in my opinion, is the nastiest power card in Dark World. It gives you a free plus but most importantly Dragged presents information to you. Valuable information. We all loved and hated Trap Dustshoot. Dragged is a faster version of it that comes with no risk in DW decks. You rip a few pluses and more pluses if you’ve Mind Crush ready. This is a card that makes Mind Crush less skill-relevant. You gain everything for free and the best part is Dragged Down into the Grave is a power card designed for Dark World at three. What makes DW scary you ask? Dragged is your answer.

Do we really need an explanation for this card? Hieros has Macro, Six Sams can utilize Macro, Inzektors has Soul Drain and Dimensional Fissure. Dark World in return gets Skill Drain. Effect Veiler wrecks so many plays nowadays and Skill Drain is a continuos version of it. Given that so many players wrongfully abuse one of the most popular power card in Yugioh, Mystical Space Typhoon, flipping this card up at the right moment might just win you the game. At a point, decks that has access to Skill Drain seems very much dominant in oppose to the Meta. 

Deck Devastation Virus and Eradicator Epidemic Virus plays a certain role in DW but I prefer to see them as sub-par measures which requires certain amount of setup. They still destroy when they do. So, what is your take to this deck? It is still a relevant threat to the Meta given the flexibility and versatility it possesses. Though very much skill-bias to make a mark. If you are looking for a budget deck to run in WCQ and you’ve confidence in your skills, DW is your choice. How big of an impact will it make depends on how well it is played. That’s all for today. Remember to play smart, fight hard or go home a loser. Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Nice Dark World Article, if only the OCG meta oustide Japan(OCG under Konami Hongkong) has access to Dark Smog and Fabled Raven, you can really feel the aggro side of Dark World ^^

    1. Thank you. We'll be getting Dark Smog later this year through Extra Pack Vol 5, if i'm not mistaken. Sadly, Raven is unofficial under Asia Format. There are players who play the Raven build though in locals. :)