Mother Kanami

After my safe return from Dark World, Grapha has once again decided I should never forget his existence even when I am away from the Land of Game Kings. However, I was fortunate enough to avoid meeting him face to face this time instead the Supreme Lord had one of his many minions to deliver a letter to me informing of his overnight success. Grapha now has Dragoascension and Gaou as his new allies. Once again, Grapha prevails! At the end of his letter, the Dragon God of Dark World mentioned the possible arrival of new conquerors. I quote the mighty Dark World Lord, “The Creator of Gods, Mother Kanami is truly a fair and wise one. Mother Kanami has decided to challenge the great me with new forces as the divine one saw how terrifying I am now. Even the divine one approves of my prowess! However, it confuses me why she has decided to bless puny humans with more power instead of creating another monstrosity. Regardless, this is Dark World!” The self-proclaimed Conqueror of Gods is currently busy appointing more Ravens to improve his Synchro abilities. 

On a side note, I was riding together with some exiled creatures from the Land of Game Kings on my way home to Earth and one of them, a three-eyed monster, continuously curse its fate and swore it will return to haunt the lands. I suppose a new urban legend will surface soon enough. Now with all the storytelling done, Gravekeepers looks to be the new up and coming Meta powerful enough to dethrone Dragon Rulers with the help of new cards like Gravekeeper’s Apostle and Shrine of Necrovalley. I guess that means more Master Key Beetle abuse since the archetype will be getting its one-sided version of Vanity’s Emptiness. I am starting to feel Royal Tribute Syndrome running up my spine once again. Did Konami design Riding Together as a pre-emptive strike? Whatever it is, Riding Together is a giant fuck you directed towards Mermails. I am thankful enough for the card text to include “except by drawing them.” Imagine how game breaking it would be. Let’s be fair now, Maxx C lets you draw so I should get to draw as well with Riding Together. It would be fun come on! ALL HAIL MOTHER KANAMI!

Make sure to check out Promise of an Adversary as well (one of those underdog techs.) To conclude, Legacy of the Valiant is forming up to be a very, very good set since the release of Tachyon. Get them fast! Thank you for reading!

Grapha Sends His Regards

I was talking to Grapha lately and for most parts of our conversation he seems to be wondering why his three thousand worth of power is not good enough to win him important battles anymore. The conversation went on and Grapha continued to question the abilities of his very powerful empire. As Dark World God, he has blessed his worshipers with the abilities to boost their offensive powers under the condition of building him a humongous gate, gave them the privilege to make deals that will ensure his worshipers’ success, dragged whoever deemed as threat to his version of Hell, occasionally sending wrathful thunder upon those who oppose him, he has also blessed his worshipers with the ability to read minds, and much more. I watched on helplessly as Grapha slowly crush every single Lolita tour guides he hired in hopes of seducing more innocent people to visit Dark World.

Grapha is not shy to innovation and change. When he saw foreign powers ascending, the Dragon God quickly formed alliances with other Gods like Hieratic Dragon God Ennead, Ethereal Dragon Dragluon and Shinra no Morigami Arusei in order to firmly position himself as one of the most fearful empire in land of game kings. Yes, everything is but a game to the notorious Grapha. He has even invented malicious play toys and experimented with science to create a diabolic titan. Grapha could even manipulate divine holy knights like Felgrand into doing his bidding. But his victory remains elusive. He continued to ponder and dragged the conversation even longer while I continuously sipped my cup of coffee to avoid saying the wrong things. Indeed, the Supreme Dragon God of Dark World is a sensitive one. 

As we brainstormed more and more, Grapha decided the main reason why he has been losing important battles against his enemies was entirely due to the amount of resources they owned. I quote Grapha, “Damn those eternally-incarnating lizards! Them and their endless elemental resources, buying airplanes and futuristic ugly alien spaceships! I should have offered Master of Blades what he wanted instead of replying with chicken feed. My arrogance has become my downfall. And that Ophion, I should have never owed him a favour. How I wish to smash his face in with my mighty God hands! Damn him for being a noble of Ouroboros! All of this is madness! Have the people forgotten how peaceful it was when I ruled these very lands?! I shall no longer delay my victory.” And so the mighty God rose from his oversize platinum chair and commanded his minions that a legion of creatures with suicidal tendencies should be given birth and raised. I quote the great Dragon God himself (again), “For we are powerful beyond our imagination, our future must understand and accept death as a beginning not the end. Rise, for an army shall be raise and lands shall be conquered! The world will remember for we have won. THIS IS DARK WORLD!” 

Cheers and chants filled the ceremonial hall as legions and legions of even weirder looking creatures took flight screaming mindlessly giving me headaches. It was a gruesome sight and even more, it was mind breaking. Again the great lord spoken, “I will no longer kneel to my arrogance. Humans have taught me well. I shall strike fast, merciless, and I shall attack my enemies’ greatest assets, their resources. Go forth Avengers, may your deaths become the pride and glory of Dark World!” Thus a new age was born and a historical legacy dawn upon Dark World. The whole visit ended with Grapha laughing hysterically while sending me back to Earth in his gaudy tour bus. It was an inspirational visit. One that must be recorded.

So, yeah, too long didn’t read. Check out XYZ Avengers here. I am also looking forward to test out Overlay Booster. Thank you for dropping by!


I Know Right

After a month or so of waiting, Konami has decided to troll us again with the new Limit Regulation in the OCG (yeah, no changes required is pretty convincing Konami.) I haven’t been updating anything because everyone else is doing such a great job (especially DSummon’s YES Facebook page) and I have no intentions of posting product reviews just to keep the blog updated so, yeah, there goes any Yugi-related writings from my side. To be honest, I have been playing more Poker and Chess compared to Yugioh lately. Sold my Dragon Rulers and I am back to messing around with Hieratics. Anyhow, Asia Plus is approaching and I suppose it’s time to leave out the rest and get my mind straight. In the meantime, check out this guy here.

                                                 (Months late and he missed the airplanes.)

I am not sure if this is even funny anymore Konami. What a blowout right? The irony is strong in this one. Alright people that’s all for this time. I will be back with more stuff during December since the CyDra OTK joke I lay down every now and then has decided it no longer wants to be a joke. Machine lovers rejoice! On a side note, Noblswarm Belzebuth looks like a legit Kamen Rider and Bujintei Tsukuyomi is kicking stones. Last but not least, thank you for dropping by!


Baptism Under Fire

OCG’s Limit Regulation created a huge explosion within both communities. Just when we thought surprises were over Konami came around for round two and practically blowtorch the TCG scene. Professional opinion, great job for finally fixing the game or at least made it look that way. Personal opinion, fuck you Konami why is Verz Ophion still at three?! Back on track, I honestly take this as a good sign (at least this coming TCG format) because with all the master cleansing going on people finally got what they all wished for, creativity and innovation. This is the baptism under fire TCG players need so whoever wants to earn self-respect and respect from their community this is the time to do it. For the first time the competitive scene in TCGland has become an open field now. Any deck can possibly take any title, well, unless Konami decides to “surprise” us again. Probably plenty of you guys have been waiting for this so time to make good use of time. For now, it’s definitely good news for TCG. 

As for “in-existence decks” that hasn’t been completely torn off, I don’t really care since its TCG and has no relation to me and if it was me I would aim to come up with new deck ideas instead of having forcefully letting go of new toys just to go back playing with old toys. Hieratics “looks” to be the best deck to pilot but y’all gotta remember escalation. Enough people running it the Meta will gradually form to fuck with it (and Hieratics are easy to fuck with.) Maxx “Cs” and Effect Veilers alone are good enough to stop the deck cold and if the build ain’t solid hell you’d probably regret picking the deck up. Don’t get me wrong it’s still my favourite deck but TCG lacks important pieces to make it work. If you want to play Hieratics, try out E-Tele in them (more resilient towards Maxx “C” and Veiler) or just run Exodius for now. All is normal until Labradorite Dragon hits the playing field at your side.  On a sidenote, I would be interested to test out Chaos Dragons in TCG right now. Time for you guys to make Evilswarm versus Blackwing videos and fuck my favourite Verz Ophion up with Icarus Attack!!! Nah, I am just joking. Maybe LGQ will win a YCS with Hieratics and everyone can copy his deck. LOL! Aite guys thanks for dropping by and stay tune for more possible updates!


The Balls

The list is out (http://shriek.twoday.net/stories/453141875/) and everyone is excited as hell because Trishula is coming back! If you want scans please visit here. Well, more important, the reign of Dragon Rulers and Prophecies will officially end come September 1st. There is nothing to be said since I am pretty sure everyone is just happy with those two shitty decks to be gone and for once Konami actually did react as the community wished. However, bumping Gorz to two is a shitty move in my opinion. A free 2700 ATK stand-alone beater is just plain stupid if not “retardifying.” I don’t know I just can’t seem to enjoy that piece of news (fuck the Ophion reasoning.) Konami likes hand traps these days maybe it’s time to play Mind Drain. With Scapegoat coming back to three I suppose there are more means to prevent yourself from getting OTKed now ( 3 Battle Faders, 3 Swift Scarecrows, 2 Tragoedias, and double Gorz.) Time for me to abuse Scapegoat and Labradorite Dragon to make Trishula for no apparent reason in Hieratics! 

A side note, Heroes are clearly coming back in style with E-Calls and Pot of Duality back to three. Mirror Force back to three is a bonus for them as well I suppose. I hope to see Heroes wrecking Verz with Super Poly because fuck Ophion that’s why! (If you know what i mean.) KONAMI Y U NO LIMIT OPHION?! Aside from all that, Trishula coming back is going to bring some changes but whether or not it’s a positive or negative sign no one can say for now. Either way there are plenty of ways to screw around with Trishula now (Veiler it, Trish attacks, meets Gorz and token, okay.jpg, Gorz token suicides, Gorz attacks, meets Gorz and token, okay.jpg) so no need for panic modes people. Will Plants make a return? Good question. Having said all that, Chaos Sorcerer back to two looks to be a sign for more DARK and LIGHT bullshit in the future while Advanced Ritual Art at three might just smash some balls because Perfect Herald is cancer. 

New OCG policies are eye-catching but I have no comments until further experience. Three WCQs a year means more official tourneys to compete in so that’s good news. At least for now all these changes bring a sign of positivity with them but we’ll wait and see. The rest of the list is self-explanatory. Until Konami’s next bullshit, thank you for dropping by and let’s all celebrate the end of Dragon Rulers/Prophecies with much joy!