Qualities For Sale

Hey readers, whaddup? This is K'yde! I am here to announce that I will be taking a break from blogging for a bit to focus on my personal commitments in life and to concentrate on improving my dueling skills once again. I will not be quitting but probably will be posting up lesser articles to make time for studies and practice. You will see me posting this and that up once in awhile but I will not be as active as I am for the meantime. Asia Championship Qualifiers was a disaster for me. Fuck the topped deck Blaster but I do not have time to blame Konami for designing and releasing broken nuts or luck for spinning things around instead I rather concentrate on reassessing my qualities as a competitive player and subsequently find ways to keep on improving until I reach the founder of Saminism’s level (yes, I am talking about Sam LOL!) 

The Meta is pretty whacked right now and money really does speak the loudest but there will always be those who emerge by unconventional means. Not sure how things are going to be in a few months time after the release of Judgment of The Light and Extra Pack 2013 but I am looking forward to it. ACQ is in the past now so the next big stage to concentrate on will be World Championship Qualifiers in a few months time (Vegas baby!) Before WCQ season starts, I want to make the most out of the current off season to breakthrough my limits. If you ask the late Bruce Lee, he would probably tell you there are no limits only plateaus we need to overcome, climb, whatever floats your boat. I do not have a clear image of what’s to come in the near future but I have friends that will whip me through this dire phase (desperation setting in even more.) Easier said, I am tired of the shell or category I am caged in now. My Facebook will probably remain active so you guys can find me there. Note that I will reply to you but maybe not instantaneously unless you catch me at the right time. All and all, Digital Mortal will be going on a hiatus and I appreciate all the support you have given to this blog so I will not abandon it. As for now, thank you all and catch you when I am back!


A Calling

First off, congratulations to Sam Kee for winning the Asia Championship Qualifiers 2013! Best wishes to him as he will represent Malaysia yet again in a battle between giants. Now to my side of the event, I piloted Verz and scrubbed to 3-Axis Fire Fist. What attributed to my loss was my greed clouding my own rational judgments. That’s all there is to say about the match. However, the real reason for my loss yesterday was a long list of bad habits I picked up months away before the tournament. In easier words, I slacked off. It is as simple as that. Top quality players obtain results through hard work and countless amounts of play-testing, discussions, and personal methods they have to improve. What they achieved in months I “tried” to duplicate in a matter of weeks. This is not an excuse nor is it complaint for some sort of justification. I am sharing this because I feel it would benefit others.

The case above clearly shows how taking shortcuts wouldn’t amount to any real results. I had as much time and probably as much commitments as others but the end product differs so remember this, if you want to be on top of your game do not ever try to do things the easy way. Hard work and effort IS the key to becoming successful. You may be good but once you slip off you lose the edge you have. I had my own killing fangs but I lost my predatory senses (call it exaggeration if you want but truth be told that’s how reality is.) As for now, I remain a rookie in the YGO competitive scene and my first real success continues to remain elusive. But I will be back and the next time things will end up different. 

Last but not least, shout outs to HLG’s great performance in Malaysia Asia Championship Qualifiers 2013! Check out their Facebook page for event coverage. Also, thank you GQ for mentioning me in your post (appreciate it a lot.) We will continue to work on Hieratics to make it a fearsome weapon once again. Much discussion and play-testing is needed. I still hold on to my dream of making it to the top tables with Hieratics. I might stop blogging for a bit as part of my new method of improvement but we shall see how things go about. Thank you for reading!


Der Heldmorder

Since the Singapore Asia Championship Qualifiers ended plenty of players are now aware of this once unknown tech many tried to keep for themselves. Of course, it has been widely used in Japan. Kamaitachi might as well be named “tech of the year” for its versatility to deal with a huge variety of problematic monsters. If you need a card that helps you dodge bullets, Kamaitachi is your go-to-friend. We are talking about an extremely flexible card which shines in most of the tactics used today. You can set or summon and it still clinches an equalizer that is game changing (hell it even works when hit by Solemn Warning or Judgment!) 1700 ATK makes it a pretty funny card to hold field and you get similar results to what Sangan used to do, to attack or not to attack that set card (psychological pressure.) Having said all that, this kid here dies to popular Side-Deck cards like Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissure, Soul Drain, and more. Will this card be widely present in Malaysia’s ACQ? I doubt so knowing that a common costs RM40 or so and a PR version goes up to RM100. So, yeah, we have the time factor to consider as well. That’s all for today and as always thank you for spending time here!


Divine Intervention

I went to locals yesterday and it was the last Seed Tournament for Asia Championship Qualifiers. That’s all not important cause I scrubbed so bad in Game 3 against my opponent during the finals. God showed me triple vanilla and a Rescue Rabbit opening hand and that pretty much states how irrelevant the rest of the game is. The original plan stands, glory from bottom! Anyway, I stand by Andrew’s statement as well. ACQ is going to be a freaking death match during round one and two. Just pray that your draws are good. LOL! Malaysia is now officially in ACQ week so to conclude all my Meta observation, here is a list which is more or less the face of my country’s competitive scene:

Tier 1:
4-Axis Fire Fist

Tier 1.5:
3-Axis Fire Fist

Tier 2:

Incarnate Dragons
Geargia Karakuri
Dark Worlds
Six Sams

Here’s the funny part, I doubt most of the 3-Axis have Sirius in their Extra Deck but do expect to see the rest in action. Also to take note, most of the Mermails you encounter during ACQ will be equipped with Stream and Tidal. I guess it’s times like these where you either put up or shut up. There you have it this is my speculation of how Asia Qualifiers’ Meta is going to look like. Until next time, thank you for reading!


Big Bad Wolf

Judgment of the Light offers a lot of new interesting perspectives but the one I am paying the most attention to is 4-Axis’ new support cards. The two cards I find to have big potentials in the upcoming Meta are Boar (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Brotherhood_of_the_Fire_Fist_-_Boar) and Kirin (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Brotherhood_of_the_Fire_Fist_-_Kirin). Kirin comes with a solid body of 2000 ATK and 2800 DEF while also providing an instant plus when Synchro Summoned with the ability to deplete opponent’s monster cards’ stats for each Face-Up Spell or Trap you control. Boar is Fire Fist’s new Tuner monster and it is a Level 4 monster. With Incarnate Dragons almost certain to become top tier, this new Tuner monster could become a threat simply because it makes Level 8 Synchros easier in 4-Axis Fire Fist. (count Prophecy in the list of affected as well?) Yes, Wolfberk into Boar gives you a fucking Crimson Blader instantly and Tensu becomes a bigger card now thanks to Boar’s existence. Kirin combined with Tensen is no joke either. All and all, Wolfberk is becoming much more of a bigger bitch now.

I am not making any calls on Meta change but 4-Axis Fire Fist MIGHT just become a bigger threat surpassing their 3-Axis counterparts. In terms of speed, 3-Axis prevails (that much I know for now) but who knows what new broken combos the Yugioh community could come up with for 4-Axis Fire Fist. Given the option of easy access to Level 8 FIRE Synchros, you can add Rank 8 Exceeds into the bunch. So, I strongly advice people to pay more attention to what 4-Axis Fire Fist post-JOTL can transform into. That’s all for today and as always remember to play smart, fight hard, or go home a loser. Thank you for stopping by!