Because I Am Japanese And I Call Brooklyn Home

After an extended leave of absence from locals, I finally decided to drag my lazy bones and head out to what would unknowingly be a most wondrous afternoon of slaughter-slash-Yugioh. Most of you are probably aware of the upcoming Yugioh Open Tournament Singapore and the many regionals held all around Asia, today was one of those regionals in Malaysia’s very own Gamers Arena. Upon my arrival I immediately spotted three Malaysian titans; Andrew Abercrombie (HLG) who plays with precision, accuracy, and tears duelists to pieces without even them knowing it, Zack Wonder Boy (2013 Worlds Rep) is one who can outplay A-A hands with wits and luck, and of course for this massacre to be complete the People’s Champion Sung Lee (2012 Worlds Rep) had to be present. Let’s get into it. Oh, I ran Heroes (Terran) because it was the only deck I had.

ROUND 1 (Satellarknights)

Game One: Opponent went first summoning a 1800 ATK Foolish Burial, milled Deneb, set a Trap, and ended. Dude’s one Trap (Fiendish Chain) met my MST and I guess it just didn’t worked for them. I had A Hero Lives, Goblindbergh, E-Emergency Call, the rest was OTK.

Game Two: Dude summoned Deneb and searched Altair with one set card. Played the grinder’s game a bit with Stratos+Vanity and took that round to flex my Yugioh muscles. Eventually, A Hero Lives had to happen.


ROUND 2 (Zombies)

Dimas from Jakarta (Indonesia), I apologize for not being able to share my deck-list with you due to all the tournament hassle. If you happen to miraculously read my blog feel free to drop a comment and I’ll hook you up with the list. Any of my readers who know him please relay this message for me. Thanks!

Game One: I went first and had Dark Law on the field terrorizing him. After a few turns, Dark Law ate a Mirror Force and I had to clone my nigga but it ate another Mirror Force. Both our hands weren’t great so we were forced to grind it out but eventually I appear victorious. Mezuki, Goblin Zombie, and Uni-Zombie is rad.

Game Two: My opponent went first and Uni-Zombied millions of Goblin Zombies. Fucking Zerg! At one point he made Black Rose Dragon and nuked my field (Zergs with nuclear, fucking A…) Having forced to dig deep, I went full-blown Japanese and played technical Yugioh but soon realized my shovel wasn’t big enough to dig myself out from this massive crater Black Rose Nuclear Dragon buried me in. Wrecked~

Game Three: I went first and Dark Law cause he’s cool like that (still had to die to Mirror Force though.) Déjà vu happened again and we both found ourselves in similar grind scenarios which Dimas gained advantage through constant top-decks. I saw Hahpyi no Hanebyouki (NOT HANEBOUKI Konami should definitely change it to Hanebyouki instead), Dark Hole, Monster Reborn, and more.

It came to a point where I was staring down Beelze of the Diabolic Dragon with no immediate outs. I went into my pet Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon for some massive comeback plays but the defining moment was went Dimas got greedy and turned his DEF-positioned Beelze to poke for 1500 ATK trying to cut the game short. With zero back-rows to deal with I top-decked Instant Fusion (2000 LPs left) and Number 101 for the win. I don’t have Castel, I suck.


ROUND 3 (Heroes)

Game One: Karma is a fickle-minded mistress. My opponent went first and opened the optimum Hero play, Number 16: Shock Master (locking Spell) backed by Vanity’s Emptiness. So, yeah, long story short I got Karma-ed and scoop.

Game Two: Karma is a fickle-minded bitch. My turn to go first and guess who ate Number 16+Dark Law+Vanity? Yup.

Game Three: Dude went first and I prayed with every celestial credits I have left not to get Karma-ed. My heart can’t take it even though it’s just Yugioh. I could have died of heart attack AND HE DID NOT HAVE THAT OP PLAY!!! He Stratos searched Shadow Mist, set one, end. My turn came and I took some time to slow roll my opponent because I am an asshole (I admit.) AHL into Shadow Mist to bait that Fiendish Chain and it happened (I had Mask Change in hand), Stratos+Kagetokage searched Bubbleman, killed his Airman, during Main Phase 2 it was practically game. Number 16+Dark Law+Vanity cancer, you will be missed.


ROUND 4 (Wonder Boy’s Nekroz)

Game One: I held onto my OTK/OP COMBO hand while I was facing Djinn Lock with no outs. Something broke in my mind.

Game Two: Remember how Karma is a fickle-minded mistress? Yeah, I went first but could not cancer Malaysian Titan Zack with OP plays because Kagetokage and Blazeman were best buddies (they chill together a lot.) My Japanese kicked in as i Fudo Yuusei-ed my way to the best possible play to survive.  So, Blazeman it was. I milled Shadow Mist and grabbed my other nigga Stratos and plotted an incredibly cancerous Turn Two play while imagining a dramatic scene where I screamed ITTE SHINE while going for game next turn. How could I be wrong? I had Vanity’s Emptiness and Compulsory Evacuation Device backing me up. I sensed a rattled titan so I was convinced. But an IMBA top-deck changed rewrote my soon-to-be prolific moment. Yeah, you guessed it. It was one of the Holy/Unholy Trinity, Hahpyi no Hanebyouki. YUGIOH!!! The titan proceeded to force fed a Djinn-Reversal-Lock and something definitely broke inside my mind.


ROUND 5 (Heroes)

Game One: Dude made paper mache plays and I OTKed him.

Game Two: Dude made paper mache plays again and I OTKed him again.


I made the playoffs and I wanted revenge but Zack Wonder Boy died to Atlanteans. Top Four consisted of Andrew Abercrombie, People’s Champion Sung Lee, an Atlantean Randy (who eventually won AHAHAHAHA PRICELESS YUGIOH), and the only Terran left alive (me.)

TOP FOUR (Sung Lee’s Cyber-Ryu)

Game One: Drew dead, ate Sacred Pleiades (Protoss High Templar)+Cyber Dragon Infinity (Protoss Mothership Core), don't have enough Life Points to make IMBA comeback plays. This sucks.

Game Two: Sung Lee is a seasoned champ and he knows polite mind games better than anyone else in Malaysia’s Yugioh community. I took first turn and immediately went into my Japanese-mode where I take on an Iceman-Johnny Chan-look. My hand consisted of Goblindbergh, Kagetokage, Shadow Mist, and Vanity’s Emptiness (the rest was not important.) I have the OP play so I went for it but upon revealing Kagetokage after Normal Summoning Goblindbergh, Sung Lee dropped a big Maxx “C” on me with a malicious evil impression yet still able to masked it with politeness. Man, this sucks.

The correct play was to stop attempt to bluff the nuts but you can only win that much with grinding. When you play a great player it matters even more to show that you can rattle his or her cage. You need that extra set of balls. At this point, it was shove or fold for me, the Japanese me would have played textbook, but it hit me that I grew up in Brooklyn. I am from Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, we don’t do rattle, we certainly never run, and we never will. Sung Lee took three free cards effortlessly without knowing that I had a hold on his mind. Number 16 (lock Spell)+Vanity OP, enough said.

Game Three: The champ went first with no Yugioh Mothership Core plays (he’s titled.) I was holding a joker hand. The could-be-would-be kinda hand. I had Vanity’s Emptiness, CED, Fiendish Chain, Monster Reborn, Instant Fusion,  and drew into Soul Charge. The only play I had was to call it strong with my only advantage was having titled him and so I did. A couple of draw-and-pass went by (I still don’t have monsters.) Eventually the tension broke with Sung Lee going for Infinity (Solar Wind Jammer+CyDRA Drei) but Fiendish Chain backed with Compulse stopped his tracks. Going back into draw-and-pass and finally I drew into a monster, my favourite suicide jet bomber Goblindbergh. He had one set cards and the cancer wasn’t far away for me so I Reborn-ed his Cyber Dragon Drei, summoned Goblindbergh, whacked for 3200, and during Main Phase 2 my own version of Mothership Core was insight, however, a Book of Moon completely flipped the board (floored my Goblindbergh.)

Sung Lee’s turn came and he went for the Chimeratech Fortress play effectively making my Vanity dead when he added two Galaxy Soldiers into the equation but Book of Moon saved me from a legit Infinity threat. I took 2000 from Fortress (CyDra+Drei) and when my turn arrived I drew a dead Mask Change however I held my fort with Evilswarm Exciton Knight through Soul Charging Noden into Goblindbergh. I set Mask Change. The champ had zero hand cards but I knew he would have access to a free CyDra through his dead Cyber Dragon Core. He had five outs, 3 OOPArts Golden Shuttle and 2 Cyber Repair Plant. Sure enough salvation came through the form of a fucking ancient alien golden jet. Sure enough he went for Infinity absorbed my Verzbuth and swing for 2900. My only out at this moment was Stratos. Unfortunately, Karma’s a bitch. I topped the single copy MST I left inside. GGWP I scooped, we shook hands, and Sung Lee went on to scrub finals. YUGIOH!!!

I ended up in third place and salvaged my day by getting a UR Clear Wing Synchro Dragon from one of the seven booster packs I won. Moral of the story, I need Castel and Terran sucks (Heroes OP if you OP.) ToSsGirL should have piloted Protoss as her name indicated. The end. Blasted Meg & Dia when I wrote this (irrelevant for fun line.) I hope you enjoy this piece and thank you for spending time here. Till next time people.


  1. Kagetokage?!!

    Damn. Now I'm really curious as to your decklist...
    Any chance of you sharing it?

    1. Yeah, i build the deck to open Dark Law+Number 16 with plans on going into the second Number 16 during my next turn that's why Kagetokage. I'll share it soon after Asia Championship Qualifiers 2015.

  2. Your writing is entertaining as ever