Talking Reptiles

Why did Heavy Storm got banned in the OCG? One word, Qliphorts. It sounds ridiculous however it does not change the fact that Storm can easily become one of Qliphorts’ nuts or simply put winning condition. The scenario can be a traditional Storm-OTK or more complex plays like blowing your own Saqlifice and searching whatever outs necessary at that particular moment which inevitably leads back to an One-Turn-Kill. How Qliphorts can easily break-even with Qliphort Scout or Saqlifice after Storm hits the field is probably another reason why Heavy Storm got the hammer. Whether it is grind or going in for the kill, Qliphorts profits more from Storm. Ultimately, Heavy Storm is a combo enabler for Qliphorts (Pendulum Scales going into Extra Deck instead of Graveyard, very comical indeed.)

Going further into this topic of discussion, why wasn’t Giant Trunade brought back instead of Harpie’s Feather Duster? Bringing back Trunade doesn’t help in any way and perhaps could hurt the competitive scene even more thanks to the popularity of continuous Spell and Trap cards these days. Taking Qliphorts as an example again, activate Scout and then Trunade it back for another activation gives the controller two “free” cards that can lead to a number of different scenarios. Of course, assuming there is no response to Scout’s activation. Recycling cards like Fire Formation-Tenki or Call of the Haunted for more pluses can be quite cancerous as well or the mere use of Trunade to disable whatever floodgate cards you have activated, combo off, and set them back, is just sick. In a way, Giant Trunade doesn’t provide any balance for the game.

That is why Harpie’s Feather Duster is a necessary evil. Yes, it is one-sided but at the very least it gives off that fear factor which Heavy Storm has so gladly held all these ages. The mere existence of Duster puts off the idea of degenerate plays like what we saw with Dino Rabbits or Verz. Power moves of similar pattern are still particularly common that is why players should be thankful for Duster. When you are not at the receiving end that is. It will take awhile before most attune themselves with the psychological block Harpie’s Feather Duster instills and that’s where we differentiate amateurs and pros I suppose (agree to disagree?) So in the end why did Konami brought back Duster? The answer is simple, there is no other option. At least until they design another Spell card with functions and impacts akin to Storm and Duster (sounds like a waste of time?)

Personally, I voted for Cold Wave instead of Giant Trunade or Harpie’s Feather Duster. But applying the same logic as Trunade, I don’t see how Cold Wave can balance the scales. It’s basically do-or-die with Wave or Trunade. One easy example would be a combo deck getting slammed by Maxx “C”. Now would you really want to be put under such circumstances? Having said that, there are “cute” plays with Cold Wave that could possibly balance off the board. For example, Evilswarm Exciton Knight. But such tactics are rather situational and if you need to pull it practically means you are already behind so it ends up being a do-or-die scenario (and Effect Veiler completely breaks you.) The additional clause of not being able to play Spells after activating Cold Wave is suicidal not to mention. What the hell are Shaddoll, Heroes, or Nekroz suppose to do after Cold Waving? Here’s my two cents. Thank you for taking the time to read! Please comment if you have anything to add. Thank you again!


  1. Nothing to add here, since I agree with your points rather strongly.

    However I do seem to notice your post title. Someone's been listening to the Hiatus lol

    1. Finally, a comment regarding the HIATUS! Yes, i've been following them since 2009. Recently covered some of their stuff in local gigs.