To Where My Shoe Points

                  (Greatest Story Ever Told By Green Goblins)

Prepared Explosives is one of those cunning cards you see once in awhile. On first glance, it seems to be another new addition to Chain Burn strategies. With more strategies disregarding Life Points to obtain their winning conditions, Prepared Explosives’ effectiveness deserves some mention regardless whether it makes its debut in the competitive scene or not. Chipping away Life Points from decks like Qliphorts or Heroes is always a good thing since it allows big pushes to be feared more in accounts of surprise burns. Sort of like how Satellarknight Sham plays a role in their strategy, this card provides you with the option of added pressure towards your opponent’s decision making. 300 chips for each card they control can build up to be quite massive since Meta strategies nowadays usually comes with huge front or back rows.

With an additional effect of stealing 1000 Life Points when it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard makes Prepared Explosives a silent scammer if you will. Robbing off opponent’s Mystical Space Typhoon, Harpie’s Feather Duster and LPs seems like a sweet deal (chain it to MST/Duster snatches 1300 LPs effortlessly.)  Sounds like a possible game ender maybe? That would be exaggerating but nonetheless an option when one chooses to utilize Prepared Explosives in such manner. But where this card truly shines as a tech side is during late-game or Sudden Death/Extra Turn stages. Players are more likely to commit onto their board to either push for damage or bluff for control (setting fake back rows) making Prepared Explosives a huge surprise when resolved successfully. Similar to how top players siding Rainbow Life to counter OTKs or simply to gain Life Point advantage, Prepared Explosives gives you the ability to further deplete opponent’s LPs. Perhaps a better example to compare Explosives to would be Gagaga Gunman.

This card is a simplified version of Gagaga Gunman’s effect and Rainbow Life’s main objective. Albeit it isn’t as versatile as Rainbow Life or Threatening Roar when it comes to tactics and functions but it is an easier card to use during said stages of the match. Whether or not it could be as good as theory says depends entirely of timing. However, taking in account of turn limitations during Sudden Death, pressure can be a big contributor in deciding the victor. Any extra damage is always welcomed. Somehow I like the idea of screwing with people’s mind during Sudden Death stages. Commit and risk getting burned for nothing, don’t commit opponent rushes for colossal amount of damage. Do you think it’s worth siding? Leave your opinions below and thank you for reading!

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